Award-Winning Visual and Sound Design



Tandem Digital Entertainment is a comprehensive design and production company, providing graphics, high-end CG, previsualization and branding services to clients ranging from rock bands to fortune 500 companies. Tandem's work has been featured on major television networks, in movie theaters worldwide, and in concert venues from Madison Square Garden to the Hollywood Bowl.


Tandem offers high-end 3D design and animation, motion graphics, art direction and storyboarding, video pre & post-production, interactive design, sound design and more. For live events, Tandem provides the highest level of previsualization renderings and flythroughs, and large-format projection/led installations.

In addition, Tandem also develops original content, characters, stories and worlds, working closely with toy and entertainment companies in the creation of new transmedia properties.


Interface design and visual effects for scenes in Date Night (Mark Wahlberg, Steve Carell and Tina Faye).

Original video game design and animations for Home Alone 5 (ABC Family).

Stage graphics and animated/motion content for KISS, RUSH and Def Leppard concerts.

Detailed custom re-design of Neil Peart’s (RUSH) drumset and riser

• Show openings
• Visual effects
• Graphics packages
• Editorial/post-production

• Content design
• Staging and Hardware design
• 3D previsualization/flythroughs

• Large-format projection
• 3D previsualization/flythroughs
• Production design and renderings
• Trade show designs

• Branding materials
• Product videos
• 3D Interactive presentations