Concert Visuals

The challenge: Create two (kick-ass) concert pieces in two weeks for KISS. The selected songs were War Machine and Detroit Rock City. For War Machine, a flying, fire-spitting dragon with Gene Simmon’s face paint, a marching KISS Army, catapults, and more. For Detroit Rock City a ’67 Camaro racing around a city made of amplifiers, with flames shooting from chrome tailpipes, pumping engine parts branded with the timeless KISS logo…2 weeks. No Sleep. Totally worth it. Video Direction by Mark Devlin and Jonathan Beswick.

War Machine – 3D dragon, thousands of Kiss Army soldiers. Good vs. Evil.

Detroit Rock City – All CG. 1967 Camaro customized with animated fire, flame-shooting tailpipes, amplifier city

Kiss War Machine Live

Live Cut of Detroit Rock City